Walk-In Shower and Bath Enclosures: A Luxurious, Contemporary Look

a tub and shower enclosed in frameless glassA walk-in shower and tub area can transform your master bath into a spa-like retreat. Freestanding tubs have become extremely popular, as they add both style and elegance to your space. However, the desire to enlarge your shower area can be hampered by the constraints of a drop-in tub. Creating a custom walk-in shower and tub area can be a beautiful solution.

A master bath remodel adds value and comfort to your home. Showers are used much more frequently than baths in this country, so making the most of the shower space is wise. Today’s showers focus more on custom details, unique tile work, and amenities that make a master bath a luxurious retreat from the world. Rain shower heads, also called ceiling-mount or top-mount heads, are included in many bathroom remodels these days, and often there are multiple shower heads installed in the master bathroom shower. Shower curtains are all but extinct in most master bathrooms, as most homes built in the last two decades have transitioned to showers enclosed in glass. The type of door and panel glass of shower and tub areaglass you desire will be your biggest decision. Your choice of glass depends on your style and how much privacy you would like. You can choose frosted glass or clear, or something with a pattern. Shower doors can be framed, frameless, or semi-framed. Sitting benches are often included in luxury builds or remodels to help make the shower more relaxing and useful for adults. Lighting options include lights on dimmers both inside and outside the shower.

frameless tub and shower enclosureIf you would like both a shower and a bathtub in your master bath, but you don’t have a lot of room to expand either, a place-saving combination container-bath can solve this problem. You get all the benefits of both bath and shower in a more compact footprint. A custom enclosure from Liberty Glass can elevate your entire space’s look while still accomplishing your goals for the space.