Modern Master Bathroom Ideas

It’s a new decade, but your master bathroom looks firmly stuck in the previous one. If you’re growing tired of keeping up with home décor trends and are looking for a timeless solution, a clean, modern update brings your bathroom into the present, but isn’t likely to look dated in the future. How can you transform your space into a modern master bathroom?

free-standing white tub with frameless shower surround nearby

White is a Winner

White tile and cabinets used to conjure up visions of the local hospital, but with today’s choice of textures, materials, and fixtures, white now packs an elegant, clean punch in the area of bathroom design. Gleaming white tile, cabinets, marble countertops, and a white stone tile marble floor are simply sophisticated; paired with a frameless shower enclosure, the master bathroom looks spotless and stunningly beautiful. Add a one-piece, water-conserving toilet in white, and the space is open and expansive.

Cool Colors

Blues, greens, and greys are associated with water and tranquility, so it’s no wonder that these are perennial favorites when designers are choosing bathroom paint colors. Using water-shade multicolored shower tile and glass tile porcelain flooring paired withs flat-panel cabinets and quartz or marble countertops will turn your bathroom into a tranquil oasis. Using a simple one-panel glass shower wall without framing separates the space without closing it off.

all glass frameless shower glass shower doors Plano TX

Free-Standing Tubs

While once viewed as a trend, free-standing tubs have become a standard. An oval, free-standing stone resin tub is modern without being tied to a contemporary style. When combined with a creamy beige marble floor and natural-tone tiles, the look is flexibly current. Flat-panel cabinets in white or a natural wood with an integrated sink, and solid white countertops are great accoutrements. The focal point of the room is the tub. To keep it there, keep the shower simple: a frameless glass shower enclosure and a showerhead with clean lines.

minimalist style bathroom with frameless shower enclosure


A modern look that is achieved more by what you don’t do: elaborate fixtures, statement tiling, a free-standing tub. A minimalist look in your master bath may mean there is no cabinetry hardware, and the lights and faucets are so understated, they may be unnoticeable. Mirrors will be simple and tiling will be neutral. A frameless glass enclosure will divide the area’s usage without dividing the space visually. The look is seamless and uncluttered. And simplicity never goes out of style.

Gorgeously Geometric

One of the hallmarks of modern or contemporary styling is its straight lines. However, to create a timelessly modern look, combining geometric shapes with natural textures is pairing that has no expiration date. A wood or stone free-standing, rectangular tub is a style statement that isn’t subject to trend. Accompanied by square or rectangular tiles and fixtures, and enclosed with a frameless glass panel, the look is cohesive and clean.his and hers rectangular sinks

Boldly Modern

Although neutral colors are often advised for those wanting their style updates to appeal to the largest number of people, a boldly modern master bath makeover can make statement choices that aren’t going to go out of style. Large neutral marble tile flooring and shower tile paired with flat-panel dark cabinets are a perfect foil for a bold pebble statement wall. Be daring with black bathroom accents: a black matte glass panel shows off a wood slat shower floor and rain shower faucet fixture. Although audacious, the elements aren’t trendy, so these kinds of choices are likely to have appeal for a long time.
2020 is already showing signs that individuality and creativity with restraint may be the hallmarks of this interior design era. However, “anything goes” may end up meaning “everything goes” later when you are tired of the look or need to sell your home! Making smart choices means making choices you will enjoy now and others may enjoy later.