Another Look at Glass: Making a Small Space Seem Larger

Glass brings an open and light feel to any space. Combining clear glass with creative shapes and natural textures create a warm, modern ambiance. Imagine a glass-walled room with grey and white décor, accented with wood flooring and a few statement accessories for a fresh and sophisticated feel. Subtle but eye-catching, glass adds sophistication to your décor design. How can you use glass in your home’s look?

A glass wall, glass pendant lighting, and a glass coffee table make this narrow space feel larger


Glass Lamps

Clear or colored glass lamps use shape to impact a look while not taking up visual real estate. There is a huge array of glass pendant, table, and floor lamps in a variety of shapes from which to choose. Try mercury glass for a vintage touch or smoked glass for a modern look. A white frosted glass lamp can be a great addition to a room with coastal style. Blown glass lamps add interest with their imperfection.




Glass Accessories

green glass vases

Another stylish way to use glass is in your choice of accessories. Clear or colored glass accessories can be another cool way to rock glass in your home decor. Using the glass in different shapes and textures keeps a consistent design element, but is anything but predictable or boring! Glass candle holders, large vases, and other containers can be purchased in a variety of shapes to engage the eye.


Glass Furniture

Glass furniture is decidedly contemporary, but will never be out of style. A classic glass coffee table will always be a versatile and chic piece in any living room. Pieces that combine glass and wood, or glass and metal add warmth to the cool finish of glass and add more interest to a room. Consider a glass desk, dining table, or nightstand to add a design element without the bulk.


Transparent Walls and Partitions

A glass wall gives separation without making a room seem smaller

If you want a light and airy open floor plan, while having separation of use and purpose, consider a glass wall or room partition. The popularity of glass and steel doors have given rise to the rise of glass and metal walls and dividers. The look is classic, but edgy, and you are able to create a sense of privacy and separation while still visually expansive.




Fireplace Enclosures

Contemporary glass fireplace enclosure

Another great glass design look is to add a fireplace enclosure with clear glass sides. Seen from every part of the house, it creates a sophisticated, yet inviting atmosphere. Balancing the cool look of the glass with the warmth of the fire is a timeless look that will never be outdated.