After extended time at home this spring, you may have realized that you need a good home gym setup! If you’re creating a new workout space in a spare room, garage, or game room, you’ll want to mount mirrors. All professional gyms have mirrors available so that patrons can check their form when exercising, so putting one in your home gym is worth considering.

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home gym mirrorHome Gym Mirror Benefits

Checking Your Form

Your view of yourself in your home gym mirror will usually depend on what kind of exercise you’re doing. When performing dead lifts or squats, you’ll likely want to stand facing the mirror straight on. However, when doing tricep kickbacks or bicep curls, you may want to take a sideways view. It can be easy to slip into poor form if you cannot see yourself performing the exercises. Unfortunately, your form has a direct impact on the exercise’s effectiveness. Incorrect form means you are not properly targeting the muscle groups you want to, and other muscles are compensating. If you’re not performing the exercise correctly, you’re likely wasting your time. Who wants that?

Avoid Injury

It’s important to avoid straining your neck by turning 90 degrees to look in the mirror when working out. Mounting mirrors on the wall or walls around you at right angles will give you the ability to see yourself from several angles at once. Wasting your time with poor form is bad, but injuring yourself as a result of poor form is worse. As other muscles compensate while performing an exercise incorrectly, you can injure them, as well as tendons, ligaments, and even bones. It’s better to check yourself in a mirror so you can view your form, see where your weight is, and see the muscles being worked if possible.


It’s highly motivating to see the results of regular training when you look in the mirror. You can see the change in the size, shape, and definition of different muscles. You may see that you’ve lost weight, too. Being able to see your results can help keep you motivated to stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

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mirrored wall in home gymIf you’ve ever looked into buying a home gym mirror or mirrors, then you know that figuring out what you need can be surprisingly technical and the details regarding materials, thickness, and installation can be confusing. We specialize in all forms of glass and mirror installation and “this isn’t our first rodeo” so we’re happy to help guide you through the process! We will safely and seamlessly get you set up so that you can have the best workout possible in your home gym. Call us today at 972-540-1555 for more information!