Getting What You Pay For

“We liked you better, but that is a big price difference for what we are guessing are the same options.”

Sometimes, our quote is going to be higher than what you receive from our competitors. Why is there a difference in shower enclosure pricing? Liberty has a transparent pricing policy. We will let you know exactly what materials are being included in your quote and will not substitute other materials without explanation. One of the issues we have witnessed when reviewing differences in project prices is a disparity in what is actually being quoted, but the client has not been informed of substitutions being made by the competitor.

Standard Glass vs. Low Iron Glass

Due to higher iron content, standard glass is not absolutely colorless. It actually has a greenish tint. Glass is produced by heating sand (which is composed of primarily silicon dioxide), waste glass from recycling collections, soda ash (sodium carbonate), and limestone (calcium carbonate) in a furnace.

Low iron glass, also known as extra-clear glass or optically clear glass, is produced using silicon dioxide with naturally low iron contents. Low iron glass is the clearest glass material available, achieving light transmission values of up to 91%, whereas standard class tops out at 83%.
While standard glass is the lower cost option and is used on the majority of our showers, Low Iron is gaining in market share especially when white tile is used. Low Iron glass is approximately 25% higher in cost than standard glass.

Contemporary master shower

ShowerGuard and EnduroShield

At Liberty Glass and Mirror, we offer two types of products that will help our clients maintain the clear, beautiful new frameless shower in which they have just invested! While neither product could be "self-cleaning" (don’t we all wish!), both products will allow you to easily restore your shower enclosure to like-new clarity with a simple cleaning.

When unprotected glass is not cleaned daily with the appropriate products, the minerals and additives in your water, as well as soap residue, will actually etch the surface of the glass. This will result in permanent water spots. Both ShowerGuard and EnduroShield can prevent this etching from occurring, and we’ve had wonderful client feedback on both of these products.

guest bath remodel with frameless shower
ShowerGuard Glass

ShowerGuard is a special type of glass with a smoother surface, making it less porous while also making it very difficult for any material to adhere to it. As a result, etching is prevented. ShowerGuard comes with a LIFETIME warranty.


Enduro-Shield is a glass-coating product and can either be manufactured or liquid applied after tempering. It is applied to the surface of glass, causing water and residue to bead up, rather than adhere to the glass. The professional strength factory-applied glass coating creates a long-lasting bond to the surface. It comes with a 10-year performance warranty for new glass. The post tempering product is only warranted for 3 years. We offer only the 10-year warranty product.

Competitor Glass Coating Products

On occasion, we’ll see quotes from competitors which have substituted ShowerGuard or EnduroShield with a lower-quality option. This is a case of not comparing apples to apples. The competitor products are frequently a liquid-applied coating which will have to be regularly re-applied every 3-5 years to maintain its protective qualities. In addition, these coatings are typically from manufacturers that do not make warranty information available on their websites, so little is known about the protection offered to the customers. At Liberty, we only deal with suppliers who will treat our customers with the same care we do.