2019 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Are you remodeling a bathroom in 2019? Bathrooms aren’t the kind of rooms that get redone on a whim. Unlike other rooms which can be updated with new paint colors, throw pillows, and the like, bathrooms and kitchen updates involve fixtures, tile, and counter choices which will need to work for a long time. As such, you’re looking for up to date inspiration and new materials wisely mixed with timeless staples. From bathtubs and showers to fixtures, sinks, and vanities, you’ve got a huge variety of options. From sleek and modern to industrial or vintage, you’re sure to find some inspiration below.

Gold-tone fixtures in a vintage style add a touch of timeless luxury

Gold fixtures are back, people! Remember when everyone was tearing out their brass faucets, door knobs, fan hardware, etc. and changing out anything gold-toned for silver, brushed nickel,  and chrome? Cool silver tones will always be classic, but gold has returned and is better than ever. What’s old is new again, and gold has a luxurious new feel after its style hiatus.

Shades of brass and gold are taking over sinks, toilets, and basically anything and everything in your bathroom this year. Offered in new finish options like in satin, matte, and brushed bronze, the warm tone is just what is needed to add an opulent vibe to any setting, with the added bonus of hiding fingerprints and water spots well!


The industrial style has been very popular for a while now, but it’s still gaining traction, so you can expect to see even more of this type of design in 2019. Industrial pipe sink and shower faucets make a vintage statement that seems new at the same time. Industrial sinks can be matched with pops of color, gold or brass accents, matte black fixtures, and funky tile patterns to modernize the look even more. With a multitude of metal finish possibilities, accents, and tile pattern options, it’s an edgy, but classic remodeling trend that’s only getting hotter.  


Serenity sliding door showcases diamond-pattern tile

The popular tile shapes and styles of decades past are experiencing a massive resurgence in popularity. The classic subway tile remains a go-to, but hexagon, arabesque, diamond, Moroccan fish scales, and chevron patterns are all in high demand again. Even better, new patterns and textures are being offered in these classic shapes, adding a chic feel to traditional elegance. These eye-catching shapes are not limited to floors but are being used as bathroom backsplashes, on shower insets and walls, and in other accent areas to create a bold, custom look.

With the return of warmer tones and accents, wood is again making a big style statement. Wood accents can complement any design style, and a variety of wood tones work with a multitude of colors. Wood accents blend beautifully with vintage and industrial trends, but look equally at home in a sleek, contemporary design. With its versatility, this material is only limited by your creativity.

It’s all about the float. Floating vanities are on trend, and so is the floating toilet. In the past, floating vanities were the territory of strictly contemporary styles. However, when combined with wood tones and gold-tone fixtures, the style is being used in a much larger range of designs. Similarly, the floating toilet will experience new heights of popularity in 2019. With their clean lines, floating toilets make a statement while being subtle at the same time. This sleek, airy look doesn’t take up as much visual space as other styles, making the room feel clear and unencumbered. In addition, floating vanities and toilets are easy to clean under. (Who doesn’t love that?) 

Opulent openness: floating vanity and toilet paired with a contemporary glass shower enclosure


Frameless shower with tub

The longevity of glass as a style element can be attributed to its elegance and versatility. Glass can be a neutral material in your design strategy, or can feature prominently. In the never-ending battle to make bathrooms feel larger and more open, a glass shower or tub enclosure that is almost invisible wins. In addition, glass enclosures and showers spotlight your style choices by putting your tile design and fixtures on display. Go for seamless drama with a floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure on your shower or the updated classic look of a frameless glass shower. It’s the lack of frames throughout that draw many homeowners to this innovative shower design.

Custom Rocky Mountain round edge splash panels

Glass shower stalls can also make a sophisticated statement with color and unique patterns or texture in your bathroom design.

Glass showers are available in a range of configurations, sizes, and designs, with a variety of hardware selections. They are low maintenance and work well with any décor theme. In short, you simply can’t go wrong with glass!