Ten Reasons to Get A Frameless Shower

Today’s trend in home design is to go for a minimal and modern approach, and a frameless shower will truly complement this look. For those who want to eliminate the metal frames from framed shower doors, or are short on bathroom space, the frameless shower is a good addition to your bathroom fixtures. Below, we list ten reasons to get a frameless shower for your upgraded or brand new bathroom.

  1. Modern and minimalist style. If you want your bathroom to have a contemporary feel with sleek and minimal designs, then you should choose the frameless shower door. The absence of metal edges gives it a more modern look than the traditional framed glasses. The enclosure comes in various styles to suit the design of your bathroom.
  2. Rigid hardware. Unlike framed shower doors that have thin panels and metal supporting frames, a frameless shower has thicker glass panels because there are no frames to support it. Instead, it is sealed in the edges with silicone and supported by clips and hinges. The glass panels are made with tempered glass, so in case it shatters, you have a lower risk of cutting yourself because the broken pieces are small and pose little risk of injury.
  3. Maximizes space. The transparency of a frameless shower gives the illusion of a bigger space compared to traditional shower doors. This gives an airy, open look to your bathroom even if you have a limited space.
  4. Low maintenance. Because a frameless shower does not have metal frames and tracks, it is less likely to cause mold and mildew buildup. The all-glass panels do not collect water, eliminating the chance of metal corrosion and making it easier to clean up.
  5. One of the great things about a frameless shower is that its its custom size is crafted to fit your space. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or constructing a brand new one, the best option is a frameless one since it can be easily customized according to your preference and the dimensions of your shower.
  6. Long lifespan. As mentioned before, a frameless shower will not corrode because it is devoid of metal, therefore it will last longer than its framed counterpart. When properly maintained, a frameless shower can last for 20 to 30 years.
  7. Cost-effective. A high-quality frameless shower will cost $700 to $2,000 which includes the materials and the installation cost. Although it will cost you more than a framed shower will, it is more durable so the savings that you get in the long run will make it worth the expenses.
  8. Increases room functionality. Most people are concerned with water leaks when considering a frameless shower. However, with the right cut and the perfect fit, it can prevent these problems and can even function better than framed shower doors, as long as the design is professionally-made.
  9. Raises property value. Since a frameless shower door is considered an upscale design, it increases the value of a property. The aesthetically pleasing design and the spacious interior makes it more appealing to new homebuyers. (https://www.pnj.com/story/sponsor-story/glass-services-of-the-south/2015/06/09/sponsor-story-adding-style-value-home-frameless-showers/28698205/)
  10. Careful installation. No matter what type of glass shower door you want to have, it should be installed by professionals to avoid errors. A frameless shower might be more labor-intensive, but the installation is much more meticulous, resulting in a perfectly-constructed shower door. The hinges should be attached securely to prevent the door from sagging, while the silicone caulks should be uniform to prevent leaks.

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