Frameless Shower Enclosures in Broken Bow, Oklahoma

If you have been looking for a company that can show you beautiful frameless glass shower enclosures that will add value and style to your home, then Liberty Glass & Mirror is exactly what you have been searching for. We are an authority on glasswork and can give you all the information you need to choose a frameless shower. The founders of Liberty Glass, Michael R. Hood and Steven S. Hood, have over 40 years of combined experience in the glass business, and we are happy to help you find a seamless shower enclosure that you will love for years to come. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations and creating custom designs tailored to each client’s needs. We also have dozens of design options offering a huge variety of frameless showers in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, making Liberty the first place you should go when looking for frameless shower enclosures.

Updating or building a home can be intimidating, especially when it comes to the bathroom. If you are building a new home or remodeling, or maybe just adding simple enhancements to give your home a facelift, we have the experience and the materials that will add personality to your home and last for years to come. We work directly with homeowners, builders, remodelers, and interior designers in and near Broken Bow, Oklahoma on projects of all sizes.

What is a Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure?

A frameless glass shower enclosure is a durable, sleek, and stylish way to outfit the shower in your home. The entire structure surrounding your tub or shower is constructed using minimal hardware and clear or stylized glass. This is a wonderful way to improve the elegance of your bathroom and it can easily increase the value of your home. The glass adds stability to the shower enclosure structure, and this eliminates the need for any metal framing. Frameless shower enclosures are easy to maintain, easy to customize, and are a timeless addition to your home.

Whether you know what you want or not, the experts at Liberty Glass & Mirror will help you design a custom all glass shower without a frame. Contact them for a free estimate and pricing details for Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

Strength You Can Count On

If you are considering a shower without a frame, you may wonder if you are giving up the strength and durability of your shower in order to have a more stylish option. This just isn’t the case with a glass shower door or enclosure. These products are incredibly strong and will hold up to years of showering before needing replacement. With a ⅜” thick glass, you will have a sound, durable shower enclosure, and if you want a thicker shower for a heavier duty structure, Liberty can design an enclosure using ½” glass for an even stronger result. If you feel that wear and tear may still be an issue, then you can talk with us about our heavier glass options.

Personalize Your Frameless Shower Enclosure

Liberty doesn’t just do beautiful glass enclosures in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. They offer a wide variety of personalization options for your whole bathroom to go along with your new seamless shower. Some options and services we offer include the following:

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling or just adding simple enhancements, we can provide you with glass that will add personality and value to your home.

Glass Basics

The most common glass used for showers with a frameless or seamless design is a clear glass. The usual thickness is either ⅜” or ½”, but there are many more options available to personalize your shower enclosure. A common reason for wanting a style of glass other than clear is that it can be aesthetically pleasing. Whatever style you want in your Broken Bow, Oklahoma home, the experts at Liberty will assist you in finding a design that you will love. You may want a custom design to fit a particular pattern you have in mind. In the past, this type of customization has been a more expensive option, but manufacturing methods have changed, making these options more affordable:

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a term used to describe the act of very fine pieces of material being forced toward a surface, usually with compressed air, at high-velocity to etch a surface or remove dirt, rust, and other buildup. This is widely used to clean up car parts and remove unnecessary debris. However, when it is used on glass, it can create beautiful designs and a fashionable look for your shower.

What is Glass Etching?

Etching is a technique of creating beautiful artwork on a piece of glass by applying acidic or abrasive substances. You can do this chemically or through sandblasting.

What is Patterned Glass?

Patterned glass is a glass whose surface displays a consistent pattern across the entire piece(s). Patterned glass is usually created by passing heated glass between rollers whose surfaces contain the imprinted pattern, much like a mold.

Benefits of Alternative Types of Glass

While many homeowners prefer clear glass when looking for a frameless glass shower enclosure, you may want the durability and beauty of glass but not the openness and vulnerability that clear options bring. This makes sandblasted, etched, or patterned glass a great option for you. With an altered glass option you get many of the benefits that a seamless shower enclosure offers without anyone in the room being able to see through. You still get the fresh room light coming right into your shower and the sleek no frame shower that you have been wanting.
For more information or to get started designing your custom shower enclosure contact Liberty Glass & Mirror in Broken Bow, Oklahoma today!

Making Sure Your Glass is Protected

There is nothing available that will make a truly "self cleaning" shower, but there are products that treat glass and allow you to clean the glass to a like new appearance for many years. When unprotected glass is not cleaned daily, the water and residue will actually etch the surface of the glass causing permanent water spots and a fogging effect. Liberty offers two products that will prevent this from occurring with regular maintenance. We have had great feedback from customers in Broken Bow, Oklahoma on both products.

A Showerguard Difference

Liberty Glass offers shower guard glass options to help your glass stand up to the toughest use over time. Showerguard glass is a scientific approach to keeping your frameless shower enclosure from wearing down after years of use. This process helps fight against effects like fogging and mildew, which can make your glass harder to clean over time. Showerguard glass is created by permanently sealing the surface of the glass, resulting in less maintenance. Using patented technology, an invisible coating is bonded to the surface, creating a smooth glass that is highly resilient to the dirt, soap, and build up that happens after years of continual use. Liberty Glass & Mirror is a registered dealer for ShowerGuard glass in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

Enduroshield Protection

Enduroshield is applied to the surface of the glass and will cause water and residue to bead up and not adhere to the glass, which will keep it from setting into the microscopic crevices. Enduroshield can be applied to any type of glass and comes with a 10-year warranty. The product does not need to be re-applied, and it is a great way to protect your seamless glass shower. It can help you with maintenance as well. Enduroshield's easy clean protective coating creates an ultra-long lasting shield on all glass surfaces, reducing cleaning time by up to 90%.

Liberty Glass & Mirror proudly stands behind our workmanship. Our meticulous attention to detail is the difference between average and excellent workmanship.

Hardware for Your Shower and More

The experts at Liberty Glass in Broken Bow, Oklahoma will help you choose the perfect hardware from vast selection and array of finishes and designs to match your bathroom style, including:

The options to personalize your frameless shower enclosure are endless and can give your bathroom that extra kick of style. From the overall height, to the style of the handle, to adding a towel bar, we can help you design your new frameless shower enclosure that you are sure to enjoy for a lifetime. Schedule a free estimate in Broken Bow, Oklahoma today!

What About Hinges and Clips?

Frameless showers have minimal metal to make sure that the glass is allowed to show through and be beautiful. The hinges and clips used to keep the glass together are designed to allow the door to swing both inward and outward while holding the structure together. Different hinges can hold different weights, and our experts will recommend the ones that will meet your specific structural requirements as well as match the style you want within your bathroom. Different hinges are also required depending upon the doors, especially if you’re utilizing pivot style doors. Our experts can assist you in choosing a hinge style that will complement your frameless enclosure in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

What if I have a Traditional Bathtub Setup?

The experts at Liberty Glass can help bring the strength and style of glass to traditional bathrooms as well. If you don’t want or aren't able to have a complete shower enclosure, that is no problem at all! We have several design options that use framed enclosures, semi-framed, and bypass shower enclosures.

Framed Enclosures

Framed enclosures are often called “builder grade.” These units are not generally very cost effective unless they are purchased from a stock design. This can limit design options for your bathroom given that they are only constructed in certain sizes. All of the glass is wrapped in metal and the door handle is attached to the doorframe itself.

Semi-Framed Enclosures

A Semi-frameless shower enclosure uses a thinner glass and has a metal frame for some added support to compensate for the glass. Since it is not fully framed in metal, not all pieces of glass are wrapped like a fully framed shower enclosure. This allows you to see frameless, glass-to-glass corners instead of a metal corner post. The door will not have metal on much of the glass, just enough to support the structure.

Bypass Shower Enclosures

Sometimes written as bipass, these are also often called tub enclosures and are an excellent option for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms that only have a bathtub. Bypass shower enclosures give you a great quality feel that a shower curtain can’t offer, and there are numerous standard options available, and Liberty Glass in Broken Bow, Oklahoma can help you outfit each one to meet your exact needs.

A bipass shower enclosure is very clearly a sliding glass door to go along with your bathtub. These enclosures offer a permanent and beautiful addition to any bathroom, eliminating the need for traditional shower curtain while offering the same benefit. Like the framed enclosure, this option is usually installed from a stock form or design to make it more cost effective.

There are several manufacturers that construct these bypass shower enclosures and Liberty offers different standard heights and options. Bypass enclosures are a great way to reduce costs during your remodel, and the stock designs make them an economical choice. If a framed or bypass shower enclosure option is right for you, contact the professionals at Liberty Glass in Broken Bow, Oklahoma to get started.

Liberty Glass & Mirror is the Right Choice for Your Seamless Shower

With our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, Liberty GLass is the best choice when designing or remodeling your bathroom. There are dozens of pre-designed options that can work with your space, or our experts can help you design a completely custom frameless shower enclosure to make your home stand out with timeless style. We can also show you how a Euro style shower enclosure could add an extra element of character to your bathroom. You can be on your way to a shower you can be proud of, and with all of the options and hardware available, you are sure to absolutely love what you come up with. Don’t hesitate to contact the talented staff here at Liberty Glass. We will be glad to give you an estimate for your custom shower enclosure in your Broken Bow, Oklahoma home today.