Semi-Frameless & Framed Shower Enclosures

Our traditional Semi-frameless and Framed shower enclosures are offered with 1/4" and 3/16" glass. Every shower enclosure is designed and built to reflect each client's personal needs. These are generally a more cost effective option to a frameless shower enclosure.

There are several manufacturers for semi-frameless and framed shower enclosures and each manufacturer offers different standard heights and options. While frameless are completely custom, semi-frameless often use “stock” glass and metal extrusions to reduce cost. Our estimators can guide you through all of the options to design your enclosure to meet both your needs and budget. Please contact our office to schedule a free in home estimate!

What is a Semi-Frameless?

A Semi-frameless is a shower enclosure uses thinner glass and has a metal frame for added support. However, not all pieces of glass are wrapped in metal like a fully framed shower enclosure. Often you will see a frameless, glass to glass corner instead of a metal corner post; the door will not have metal on the handle side or top edge of the glass; the shower handle often goes through the glass, but can be pressure fit to the edge.

What is a Framed Enclosure?

Framed enclosures are often called “builder grade” and are only cost effective if stock units can be used. Each piece of glass is wrapped in metal and the door handle is incorporated into the door frame.