Frameless Shower Enclosures in Cross Roads, Texas

Liberty Glass and Mirror in Cross Roads, Texas would love to assist you in designing, installing, and completing your exciting bathroom remodel. From the featured frameless shower enclosures to custom glass projects and framed mirrors, Liberty Glass and Mirror is here to create a fantastic new bathroom for you. We offer custom designs tailored to your specifications, and we provide exceptional customer service to clients all throughout Cross Roads, Texas. Below are some of the different things we offer that you might want to consider making a part of your bathroom remodel. Contact us today for more information!

Extraordinary Design Options for Frameless Shower Enclosures

Your common, everyday, basic bathrooms have shower enclosures that are framed in aluminum or another material. If you want a new custom design that brings style and sophistication to your bathroom remodel, you should consider a frameless shower enclosure. A frameless shower enclosure is simply a type of shower that is not framed in metal. These shower enclosures are becoming more prominent in bathrooms today as they create a completely new look that is more smooth and elegant than a typical framed shower. When it comes to these shower enclosures, you have several different options to choose from. Your local Liberty Glass and Mirror in Cross Roads, Texas can assist you in selecting and designing the very best for your bathroom remodel. Here are 6 extraordinary design options to choose from for frameless shower enclosures:

  1. Frameless Glass Enclosures – Frameless glass is a timeless option. Its streamlined look and versatility makes it a common choice for bathroom remodels. A frameless glass enclosure can suit a fresh, modern look or a more simplistic and classically elegant style. Your custom glass project can result in several design possibilities. In addition, the glass can be treated during manufacturing to resist visible damage and wear-and-tear from water, soap, and humidity. This treatment makes frameless glass shower enclosures even more appealing to bathroom renovators because the required maintenance and cleaning is minimal.
  2. Glass Block Shower Enclosures – If you want to completely eliminate the need for a shower door while creating a clean but natural look in your bathroom remodel, a glass block shower enclosure may be the perfect option. Glass blocks come in several styles, shapes, and sizes, and they can be arranged in a variety of ways, thus creating the perfect custom glass shower that you have been wanting in your bathroom remodel.
  3. Sliding Shower Enclosure – If you don’t have the space for a swinging shower door, but you still want an actual door, a sliding shower door is a great option. Your frameless doors will be set in sturdy metal sliders to allow maximum ease of opening and closing your frameless shower.
  4. Extra Entrance Enclosures – To spice up your shower enclosure even more, add an extra entrance. This can create symmetry in your bathroom remodel and can add a feeling of sophistication and elegance that you might find in a spa. You can add more than one shower door if space allows, but the most common way to add additional entrances is to simply leave two open spaces where doors might otherwise be. Especially if your shower takes up an entire wall or corner of your bathroom, leaving two openings creates a look of mystery and grandeur while still remaining incredibly functional.
  5. Tub Enclosure – If you currently have a bathtub that you want to make improvements on or if you want to incorporate a tub into your bathroom remodel design, don’t believe the myth that you can only have a shower curtain for your shower enclosure. You do have options when it comes to closing off your tub! Durable tempered glass will create an attractive yet useful enclosure for your bathtub. This can be a stationary enclosure or it can be installed a sliding door. You might even consider a custom glass project with sandblasted design for a more modern and customized look.

Additional Shower Design Options For Your Bathroom Remodel

Seamless Shower

Seamless showers are becoming more and more common as people recognize the cleaning difficulty and lack of aesthetic appeal associated with grout and tile showers. Seamless showers are exactly like they sound—showers with no seams joining the walls and floors together. When a shower has no seams, it is much easier to clean and far less likely to accumulate dirt, mold, and bacteria, which are most common within the cracks of seams. Seamless showers not only make your life easier because of the lessened maintenance, but they also look incredibly clean and modern in their design.

Euro Style Showers

If you're looking to make your new shower a focal point but you don't want to break the bank, a euro style shower may be the right answer. The frameless shower enclosure design pushes the focus past the glass enclosure and onto the ornate tile or marble backdrop of your shower. The design of euro style showers offers a flawless and luxurious look, a functional showering space, and a smaller dent in your bathroom remodel budget.

Curbless Showers

A curbless shower is a newer design option for shower enclosures. This option completely removes any step, bump, or "curb" between the shower floor and the rest of the bathroom. This type of frameless shower enclosure allows a more direct route for your eyes and feet to move as you move about your bathroom in use and in enjoying its aesthetic pleasure.

Other Home Remodel Extras

Custom Glass Projects

Whether for your shower enclosure or another display decoration, custom glass projects have the capability of enhancing a room significantly. Not only will glass make the room look bigger, but it also adds a new type of surface to the décor, making the space more inviting and refreshing.

Some additional custom projects may include glass desks, glass tabletops, glass shelves, and glass for cabinets, doors, and windows. Surely you would love a new custom glass project in your home. The possibilities for added innovative design to any of these projects is absolutely endless.

If you work on your home remodel with Liberty Glass & Mirror in Cross Roads, Texas, here are some of the types of glass you can include in your custom projects:

  • Textured Glass – If you want to vary your glass project so that it is not completely transparent, textured glass is a great option. It has a more modern and elegant feel to it than frosted glass, but it serves the same purpose of obscuring images behind it. With the added bonus of water running over your textured glass, you can experience the elegance of a spa-like feeling right in your own home. Liberty Glass & Mirror in Cross Roads, Texas offers several options of textured glass for your custom glass project. Choose from rain, paint, bubbles, coral, flutex, glacier, obscure, satin, serenity, and starphire. With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect textured glass for your bathroom remodel.
  • Sandblasted Glass – Sandblasting your custom glass project is a great option for creating a frosted look on your glass. This helps to make your project translucent instead of transparent, and it adds a feel of sophistication to your space. Sandblasting can also be done within particular designs, almost like stencils, to create an even more dynamic look. 
  • Etched Glass – Etching is similar to sandblasting in the final texture of the glass, but etching is much more precise and can be used with very complex designs. If you have a custom glass project in mind that requires detailed glass etching, contact your local Library Glass & Mirror in Cross Roads, Texas today to get started on your new project!

All of the custom glass projects at Liberty Glass & Mirror come with the options of adding the necessary extras to the glass: 3-Form, ClearShield, or ShowerGuard. 3-Form is a unique resin product used to create design accents and bring your project to an entirely new place. ClearShield provides glass protection and assists with glass maintenance. And finally, ShowerGuard should be applied to any glass being used around water or in a shower. It protects the glass from damage caused by water, heat, and humidity, and it helps decrease the need for excessive cleaning and upkeep. ShowerGuard keeps your custom glass project in your shower looking shiny, new, and very clean.

Glass Railings

If you have a desire or need for glass railings in any of your remodel designs, Liberty Glass & Mirror in Cross Roads, Texas has the solution. Custom glass railing design can make any area in your home stand out as more sleek and modern than ever. You could install some glass railings near your stairs for added support and protection while walking upstairs and downstairs. You could include custom glass railings for a pool, or as a nice addition to your outdoor space by lining the edge of a deck. Maybe you have a second or third story in your house that looks over a room below it—wouldn't that be the perfect place for an impeccably designed custom glass railing?


You also have several options when it comes to windows for your bathroom remodel project. Maybe you simply want a broken or foggy window replaced. You can install brand new insulated windows with a variety of glass options for added privacy, enhanced design, or more visual appeal. You can choose windows with clear glass, low-emissivity, grey, bronze, or patterned glass. Low-emissivity windows help to keep the temperature inside your house the same, while keeping the outside temperature from permeating through. These types of windows are ideal, especially in a bathroom remodel, as you can reduce energy costs and retain the warmth that you enjoy while in your bathroom.

Framed Mirrors & Other Mirror Options

Liberty Glass & Mirror in Cross Roads, Texas can custom design a framed mirror for you for your bathroom remodel or for any other place in your home. You can request information and a quote for a traditional bathroom framed mirror or for a specialty framed mirror for your bar, kitchen, or other more formal rooms.

Liberty Glass & Mirror offers a variety of mirror designs, including framed mirrors, beveled mirrors, beveled mirror strips, antique mirrors, and entire mirror walls. You also have the option of adding some sort of custom sandblasting or etching to your mirror. These added design options can improve the dimension and sophistication of any room in your home.

Wine Rooms

Maybe you don't think of a custom glass project when you envision a wine room. However, many modern designs of wine rooms contain vast amounts of glass that make the entire space seem remarkable and never-ending. Not only could you build entire wine coolers and refrigerating systems out of glass, but you could also use a custom glass project to showcase your current or in-progress wine room.

Not everyone enjoys modern design, and we can appreciate that. Maybe your wine room consists of an antique style with dark wood and a carefully crafted and organized layout. If that room is constructed anywhere in your entire home, creating a front wall entirely of glass will only bring the beauty and elegance to the highest point possible. Creating a custom glass project with Liberty Glass & Mirror to showcase your adored wine room will surely bring you much satisfaction and visual gratification.

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